Speak Everyday Chinese

So that you can be independent and have better interactions with Chinese people.

Why Isn't Your Chinese Improving?

The hardest part for you using Chinese is that you don't have the confidence saying it. You second guess yourself and constantly worry if it sounds right and if the tones sound right.

You hate feeling incapable of doing things for yourself, and want to learn because life in China would be so much easier if you could just communicate with the Chinese.

Perhaps you've tried speaking, but as soon as the Chinese person doesn't understand, you get embarrassed and give up.

It feels terrible when someone approaches you and blurts out a whole lot of Chinese. But you're you're left standing there with a confused, lost look. You just want to be able to communicate back.

The Struggle Is Real!

"Seriously, after almost one year I should be speaking more Chinese than I do now..."

But don't be too harsh on yourself. After a long day at work, you're tired and not quite pumped to sit down with your Chinese teacher who can't seem to understand how you haven't easily mastered the tones already.

Who wants to commute alone to an evening class when there's happy hour and tasty dinners with friends and family. I mean I know you want to, but I understand. It's difficult.

We haven't even begun to discuss how hard culture shock and adjustment were on you.

So please forgive yourself. It's been just survival mode these past months, but that's about to change.

"I really like the success path -- they've been really helping to try and take the fear away of just asking the simple questions like "how do you say this". I get such bad stage fright in general, so it's been really forcing me to step out of my comfort zone!"

Tieren Dokes, Peace Corps

Here's What You'll Be Able To Do With The Speak Everyday Chinese Method:

  • Discover what it's like to confidently use Mandarin for taking a taxi, eating at restaurants, shopping for groceries and those other daily moments you live.
  • Be prepared for life working in China.
  • Suddenly, reduce your frustration with day-to-day life.
  • Learn from a certified teacher who learned Mandarin from zero, lives in China and understands your struggles.
  • Take strategies from my 11 years of experience – the best learning methods – and get results for yourself.
  • Feel remarkably good connecting with Chinese people.
  • Save time and money you would have spent on other courses, classes and tutors.
  • Recognize the Chinese characters seen most frequently on signs in China so you can smile and say yes when Chinese folks ask if you can read.

"I really like how the Hide & Seek videos make me so much more mindful to my surroundings. It's super motivating to recognize these characters in daily life. It has helped me navigate my new home better and with more confidence."

Dillon, Assistant Manager

My Name's [QUĀY.jo] And I'll Help You

I'm actually certified to teach Chinese in the USA. But more importantly, I relate to your challenges because I had to learn Mandarin too – from zero.

Early along in my Chinese classes, I started questioning my teachers, why we were learning the books when pretty much nothing in there was being said out in the real world.

My Speak Everyday Chinese method is simple: Learn day-to-day Chinese phrases that are actually being used in real life, so you can understand what people are saying.

The language you learned is useful, so it gets reinforced often, and soon you can even take part in conversations.

Then you get independent and stop asking people for help to do simple things like shopping and getting delivery.

It's simple really. Your books and Duolingo have lots of words that you'll never hear in real life – ever.

So they're wasting your brain space and eating away your valuable time and energy.

I focus on being in the real world interacting with Chinese people. Plus I teach you how to learn by asking questions.

Those are the only things that will move your Mandarin forward and make China life a bit easier.

What's Included:

My Secret Success Path! Because HOW you learn is way more important than what you learn.

You'll get a huge shortcut to conversational confidence when you start using my techniques.

Access To Our Exclusive Facebook Group so you meet other motivated learners and get live training from me each week.

Weekly Live Q&A Because some questions are better answered in person. We'll hangout for an hour every week inside the Facebook group so you can get help with your most pressing Chinese questions.

120+ Videos that will help you in everyday situations so you can begin to interact with Chinese folks.

Fix Your Chinese Tones Course has over two hours of tones audio practice and quizzes so you can make sure Chinese understand you.

Teach Me Chinese Guide. My 11 years of experience condensed so that you don't spend all that time trying to learn.

Hide & Seek Character Videos. Understand the characters that frequently appear on signs in China so your daily China life makes more sense.

Have you been waiting for that magical moment when you get time to take a class?

"I've been in China a year and six months - a year in the classroom and still find it difficult to communicate"

Kirk, Chinese Student

You know some words, but you struggle with the structure.

Or worse, you already spent lots of money on classes, but now you realize Chinese sentences are built differently in real life?

Perhaps you think you just need to work harder on learning vocabulary?

How many Chinese apps do you have on your phone already?

How many Chinese accounts do you follow on Instagram?

If those were the answer, you'd know Chinese already, right?

Why Is Speak Everyday Chinese Different?

Because from the first lesson, I coach you on how to learn and how to get real practice. That's the key to your break through.

It's not intuitive though, which is why you haven't figured it out yet. No worries.

Yeah, you've downloaded apps and taken classes before. That's ok. Now it's time for you to learn how to communicate.

Is This Online Course For Me?

Are you a beginner? Yes? Then this course is for you.

Do you want to practice so you can pass the HSK? No, this isn't for you then.

If you’re in China, then you know daily life sounds nothing like what your beginner book taught you. Books and Chinese classes start beginners off with silly scenarios that don’t make sense for day-to-day life.

If you’re not here in China, don’t make the mistake of depending on your Chinese book to teach you the useful Chinese you need. Otherwise you’ll get to China and struggle soooooo much in day-to-day life because you won't understand a thing.

We Only Teach You The Most Useful Chinese

The most useful Chinese is that Chinese you use the most. That’s the Speak Everyday Chinese method.

Speak Everyday Chinese is a growing library of Chinese 120+ videos for day-to-day life. Learn as I interact in Mandarin and explain to you. Practice common phrases with bonus audio. Test your knowledge with quizzes.

But, What About Chinese Grammar?

You don’t need lots of grammar to confuse you.

You want more grammar drills programming your brain with sentence structures that Chinese don't really use when they speak?

What you need is to know how to ask for a plastic bag at the grocery store – the way a Chinese would ask. Your life gets easier and you get happier each day you use their language to communicate.

But, I Can Learn For Free With A Friend

"I've tried ... a language exchange friend who's English is a bad as my Chinese or a co-worker who is only patient enough to answer a few questions."

You can try the same ways that failed many others too, but you can't get back wasted time.

And right now your motivation is high–that's why you're still reading. By trying a casual free approach, you have a real risk of loosing so much motivation when it doesn't work, that you give up on Chinese.

Or maybe you already live in China and made this mistake. So you're questioning yourself and wondering if using this course will finally be the time you learn.

Sounds Amazing, I'll Pass For Now

"Thanks for the information, I'm going to try my apps and a couple of free resources first." Does that sound like your mindset right now?

You're going to attempt the same approach that 93.4% of other Mandarin learners take. You know there's simple a reason why so few get conversational fluent in Chinese, right?

Take a mental inventory of your friends and colleagues. Are they having an easy time getting daily tasks done in Mandarin? Copy what they do and get the same results they have – for better or for worse.

"We were following from a textbook so the class was quite regimented and didn't give much help on the vocabulary I actually need to survive in China — like ordering food or chatting with your DiDi driver."

Alexandra, Lawyer

Fix Your Chinese Tones

Mandarin tones are hard. If you can’t say them right, then it’s game over.

Why do books have so little tone practice? Chinese apps sound robotic. You can’t learn tones with them.

Fix Your Chinese Tones has over two hours of tone audio practice and quizzes. Get good pronunciation with practice and feedback. You can too, but with worksheets and quizzes to help.

"The hardest part for me using Chinese was that I didn't have the confidence saying it. I second guessed myself and constantly worried if it sounded right and if the tones were correct."

Jamie, Stay At Home Mom

Teach Me Chinese: The Manual You & Your Tutor Need

A PDF that explains my best strategies and activities for learning Mandarin Chinese. Your tutor can follow my guide to help you double your rate of improvement in half the time.

Wait, what? Yep. Read that again.

I crammed 11 years of experience learning Chinese and 6 years of certified teaching into a bilingual manual to get you Mandarin-competent quicker.

Hide & Seek: Find Characters From Everyday Life Videos

You can’t avoid reading characters because signs are everywhere in China.

Other courses teach the most common characters. The problem is that those characters aren’t necessarily the ones you see here in China in day-to-day life. Each video is dedicated to examples of one character shown on signs gathered by expats living in nine different Chinese cities.

Learn these Characters — and China life will make a lot more sense.

The Speak Everyday Chinese Facebook Group

Want access to me and my 11 years of China knowledge? Sign up for Speak Everyday Chinese and get access to our exclusive Facebook group. Each week my livestream Q & A is to answer your most pressing questions as it relates to improving your Chinese the quickest way possible.

Jim Rohn says you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Get in our group of motivated learners and start benefiting from their strategies and successes – what's actually working.

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